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You need to login to do this. That one part I played has given me a license to be absurd. I can say pretty well anything, because people know it’s eharmony jewish dating reviews Tom Baker talking. Some actors get reputations that just won’t go away.

Maybe they’re famous for being divas on the set. Or they can resign themselves to their fate, and make a career out of it by «Adam Westing». Compare closely to the use of Meta Casting, where this can be turned around and made impressionable by playing off this personality. Actors who had to act goofy all the time and never got a chance for serious work. If they must be goofy, let it be in mocking goofiness.

Actors known for an incredibly hammy persona, and people expect them to play the same over-the-top role in everything. Actors who had to act dreadfully serious all the time, until it was impossible not to laugh at their own work. Actors who had been subjected to Contractual Purity, who couldn’t so much as have a glass of wine in public without causing a scandal and need to cut loose. Adam West, the Trope Namer, couldn’t get serious work after Batman. Also of note — according to Word of God, if they couldn’t get West to voice the part, that episode would have been scrapped.