Dating profile headline examples for women

Looking for The Best Online Dating Profile Examples? Cocky and an array of 12 other colourful fictitious characters based on actual profiles, that Dating profile headline examples for women have come across during my online travels. Some correctly utilise the methods and techniques I teach, whilst others are prime examples of bad practice. So what should a great online dating profile convey?

If they like what they see they will want to find out more about you. My ideal match should be rich, sexy, and have a beach house on the coast. Oh and did I mention blue eyes, blond hair and a perfect body, attractive, classy, smart, charming and well read? Ah and while I’m at it, I should tell you that it’s essential that you be low maintenance. It is essential that you feel as comfortable in jeans as an evening gown. As to your height, after reading a few profiles, it appears very important that short women have very tall men.

Therefore no woman under 6 feet need apply. Finally, if you’re the girl-next-door type, please tell me what exactly who you’re next door to. Sadly a great many men make laundry lists of what they want in a mate. Laundry lists are for the Laundromat but not as enticement for dating. Every one of these phrases begs the question, why bother to go online if you can’t get over the newbie factor?