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And really, as a smoker who also weighed in at 500 pounds, he was probably right. Though he tried many times before to regain his health, nothing worked. That is, until fate stepped in and gave him a bout of food poisoning that led to a 360-pound weight loss. It wasn’t that Moore had set out to be that big—who does? But his story, like many others, started with a slow creep on the scale. Throughout his entire adult life, Moore explained, he lived off packaged and fried foods. That unhealthy lifestyle only escalated when his wife became pregnant with their son.

But in December of 2013, a few years after his son was born, Moore found himself sitting with his family and reading a book to his child. By that time, he had both high blood pressure and diabetes, all of which put him on the path to either a heart attack or a stroke. His wife took a video of the moment, which should have been a happy one. But, when Moore looked at the video, he was horrified by what he saw.

I was looking at my wife, looking at my kid, and realized, I’m 500 pounds, and people that big don’t live that long, and I wanted to watch my son grow up. He wanted to get healthy, but he he didn’t even know where to begin. His takeout habit, it turned out, decided for him. I ate the whole container on the way home because I was fat and I liked to do that. And sure enough, I was the only one that got sick.

Nobody else in the house got sick. It got so bad that he was hospitalized for eight days. But there was one positive side effect: He was dropping weight—fast. After he felt better, Moore decided it was time to kick a few of his other unhealthy eating habits for good. Next, he cut out processed foods. In March 2014, Moore decided to take it one step further by undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

Though his surgery wasn’t without complications, he was able to pull through. On the first day post-op, Moore took 42 steps. From there, he just kept walking. Instead of implementing a hardcore workout routine, Moore stuck to walking around his property and his town, kicking things up a notch until his he was walking a few miles a day. I pretty much said, this is my new life.