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Click here to download PDF software. How might the Charmouth area have looked 190 million years ago? Introduction Charmouth was one of the first locations added to Discovering Fossils, and has since been the destination for several organised fossil trips. Left: View west at Charmouth towards Black Ven and Lyme Regis. Right: Parking and refreshments are available alongside the mouth of the river Char.

95 miles of coast between Dorset and Devon. Left: A family explore the foreshore for loose fossils among the rock pools. Right: A young fossil hunter inquisitively hammers a foreshore boulder. The following page is concerned with the journey 4,000m to the east, beneath Stonebarrow Hill, and towards Golden Cap and Seatown.

Figure 1: Diagram indicating the approximate positions of the key geological horizons at Charmouth. For a table of geologic periods click here. Fossils can be found throughout the Jurassic and Cretaceous exposures between Charmouth and Golden Cap, however it’s the Jurassic rocks in particular, that attract fossil hunters to Charmouth. Life was abundant during the Jurassic period, giant marine reptiles inhabited the seas and pterosaurs flew across the skies.